In the middle of a secluded woods in upstate New York, Justin K Prim found himself on top of a hill, down on his knees in prayer for the first time in his life. For the first time in his earthly experience he was humbled by the sheer awe and amazement of the AllThatIs. It called to him and he responded in the only way he could think of. A memory echoed through his mind of a very similar scene from the autobiography of Malcolm X that he had read while backpacking aimlessly across America.

From that moment on he was not ever going to be the same. His path would quickly become solidified before him, no longer the abstract spiritual longing of his youth. He was marked and set for a specific and special journey. He had tasted the ecstasy of direct contact with the One and he was transformed.

He had been initiated into a unnamed lineage of mystical seekers and his training would begin immediately. He befriended healers, mediums, shamans, magickians, psychics, yogis, and other fellow seekers. He absorbed knowledge from whoever he could and his heart led him further down the path of Truth.

Once back in regular society, he spent a year with fellow lightworkers and brothers touring the country, spreading the Love through music and energy healing. As a group they meditated together, they prayed together, they travelled together and they performed together. Eventually though the brotherhood would fall apart and Justin, now Justinus Primitive, would resume his solo path of Love and Knowledge and Service.

In his new home of Chicago, Justinus had finally moved into the role that a Sufi in the Netherlands had dubbed him: City Dervish. He was truly balancing between the two worlds; the fast paced modern city and the timeless and eternal world of the spirits. 2012 witnesses the release of a new album from Justinus Primitive. Children of the Law of One records the spritiual journey of Justin and tells the tale of the people he met and the amazing encounters he had.

Children of the Law of One : "Nomadic drone hip hop artist and mantra vocal entrapaneur Justinus Primitive produces his most prolific album 'Children of the Law of One'. Backpacker style Justinus has experienced the world and connected with the souls of the youth and has channeled it through the stories and mantra beats. Taking a modern approach to the Bob Dylan ideology - a traveler, a poet, a hip hop artist and mystic spiritual seeker. "