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Just returned from a world tour and now living in San Francisco... so... a reorganizing hiatus.

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04/30/2012 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL (return from Europe show)

12/07/2011 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL w/ DMA and The Welcome
10/21/2011 - The Realm - Bloomington, IN - with Normanoak
09/14/2011 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL.
08/06/2011 - Indiana Meets Chicago - Multidisciplinary art show curated & performend by J Prim, w/ Normanoak, Doog, Julian Dalrymple, Lisa Fett.
07/23/2011 - Earth House - Indianapolis, IN with Doog, Normanoak, Castle Oldchair, and DMA!
06/18/2011 - Folk and Beyond Show - Life Force Arts - Chicago.
06/02/2011 - Comfort Station - Chicago with Quartz Sword
04/16/2011 - Spring Energy Party - Life Force Arts - Chicago, IL

04/19/10 - Prim / P.O.N.S. CD release - Earth House - Indianapolis, IN
04/09/10 - Kid Prim / Jookabox Tape Release- Big Car Gallery - Indianapolis, IN
03/20/10 - White Light CD Release - ES Jungle - Indianapolis, IN
02/14/10 - Life Force Arts Center - Chicago, IL

Omega Institute 2008 Season (Spell Casting)
10/2008 - Pavilion (Hip Hop set)
09/2008 – Sanctuary Talk (Love Mantra)
07/2008 – Art Hut (On Me)
06/2008 – Art Hut (Transformation Mantra)
05/2008 – Sanctuary Talk (Universal Love)
04/2008 – Art Hut (The Flow)
04/2008 – Open Mic

Love and Liberation Tour (all shows with Doog and Normanoak)
04/05/2008 – Thunderdome – Manchester, CT
04/04/2008 – Nile Loft – Brooklyn, NY
04/03/2008 – Apartment – Pittsburgh, PA
04/02/2008 – Sunny's Log Cabin – Bloomington, IN

12/20/2007 – Weiser House – Chicago, IL
08/23/2007 – House Show – Derby, England
08/23/2007 – Susumi – Derby, England
06/17/2007 – Thunderdome, Manchester, CT
05/18/2007 – Grady's Tavern – Manchester, CT
05/17/2007 – Thunderdome – Manchester, CT
05/14/2007 – Nietzsche's – Buffalo, NY

RISK 2210 Tour (as live band with Erick Sherman)
03/04/2007 – Finhouse – Bloomington, IN (Cinnabar Fields Release Party)
03/03/2007 – Stand Up Comics – Lansing, IL
03/02/2007 – Big Car Gallery – Indianapolis, IN
03/01/2007 – Sycamore Market Place – Kokomo, IN
02/28/2007 – Cheers Lounge – South Bend, IN
02/27/2007 – Mo's Tavern – Muncie, IN
02/25/2007 – Cherry Canary – Bloomington, IN
02/24/2007 – Deadbeat's Living Room – Indianapolis, IN
02/23/2007 – Butcher Block Gallery – Louisville, KY

02/03/2007 – Finhouse – Bloomington, IN (Protection Spell)
12/06/2006 – Talley – Muncie, IN (loop noise show)
10/19/2006 – Kokomo Comics – Kokomo, IN
10/15/2006 – Moes Tavern – Muncie, IN
10/05/2006 – NOISE in the IMU Gallery – Bloomington, IN
08/17/2006 – The Village Green – Muncie, IN
08/11/2006 – MMS – Indy CD and Vinyl – Indianapolis, IN
08/06/2006 – The Black Lodge – Boomington, IN (first show w/ Lindsay)
04/11/2006 – Village Green Records – Muncie, IN
04/02/2006 – Smith/ Grant House – Bloomington, IN
04/01/2006 – Marine Corps League – Muncie, IN
03/09/2006 – The Uptown Cafe – St. Petersburg, FL (w/ Erick Sherman & guitars)
03/03/2006 – Second Story – Bloomington, IN (w/ Erick Sherman and guitars)
02/23/2006 – The Dick Sherman – Muncie, IN
02/17/2006 – The Village Green – Muncie, IN
01/13/2006 – The Black Lodge – Bloomington, IN (backed by Eric Alexander and Will Johnson)
10/08/2005 – Woodridge House – Muncie, IN
10/01/2005 – The Black Lodge – Bloomington, IN
09/16/2005 – New York House – Muncie, IN (first show! - Everything, Chao!)


Digital Download via Bandcamp.
Limited Edition Cassette via I Had an Accident Records.

Sons of the Law of One.

Over time, with the advent of civilization and technology, the divisions between the Adamic and pre-Adamic races became increasingly more apparent. Whereas the Adamic race held on to the belief in the one God who had specially created them, the pre-Adamic race refuted the belief in the existence of God, instead focusing on the acquisition of wealth and power - worshipping the creature rather than the Creator. As these differences became more and more clear, the world came to be divided into two basic divisions: the Sons of the Law of One, those who held to the belief in the one God as the Creator of the universe and of mankind, and the Sons of Belial, those who denied the existence of God and instead worshipped themselves. Cayce explained it thus: "In Atlantean land during those periods of early rise of sons of Belial as oppositions that became more and more materialized as the powers were applied for self-aggrandizement." This "self-aggrandizement" took the form of the accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a very few, with the result being extreme social stratification, where perhaps only a few dozens or hundreds of beings ruled over millions of slaves. This situation, of course, was unacceptable to the Sons of the Law of One.

The World behind the World.

The term dérive, or "drift", was first coined by the Situationist International, who would go for long aimless walks around their towns and cities, reimagining the concrete tower blocks, cenotaphs and public fountains as castles of wisdom, wishing spikes and ponds of eternal youth. The purpose of the drift was to see beauty in the urban lanscape and to conquer the tyranny of grim, opressive town planning through the transformational power of imagination. Through the techniques of the drift, the Situationists could radically change their experience of the city and turn drab stretches of urban decay into a magical landsacpe of limitless wonder and enchantment. Yet they pehaps stopped short of taking the excercise to its logical conclusion.

Song of the Elohim.

First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don't see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God's Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.

God spoke: "Light!" And light appeared. God saw that light was good and separated light from dark. God named the light Day, he named the dark Night. It was evening, it was morning—
Day One.

God spoke: "Sky! In the middle of the waters; separate water from water!" God made sky. He separated the water under sky from the water above sky. And there it was: he named sky the Heavens; It was evening, it was morning—
Day Two.

God spoke: "Separate! Water-beneath-Heaven, gather into one place; Land, appear!" And there it was. God named the land Earth. He named the pooled water Ocean. God saw that it was good. God spoke: "Earth, green up! Grow all varieties of seed-bearing plants, Every sort of fruit-bearing tree." And there it was. Earth produced green seed-bearing plants, all varieties, And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts. God saw that it was good. It was evening, it was morning—
Day Three.

God spoke: "Lights! Come out! Shine in Heaven's sky! Separate Day from Night. Mark seasons and days and years, Lights in Heaven's sky to give light to Earth." And there it was. God made two big lights, the larger to take charge of Day, The smaller to be in charge of Night; and he made the stars. God placed them in the heavenly sky to light up Earth And oversee Day and Night, to separate light and dark. God saw that it was good. It was evening, it was morning—
Day Four.

God spoke: "Swarm, Ocean, with fish and all sea life! Birds, fly through the sky over Earth!" God created the huge whales, all the swarm of life in the waters, And every kind and species of flying birds. God saw that it was good. God blessed them: "Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Ocean! Birds, reproduce on Earth!" It was evening, it was morning—
Day Five.

God spoke: "Earth, generate life! Every sort and kind: cattle and reptiles and wild animals—all kinds." And there it was: wild animals of every kind, Cattle of all kinds, every sort of reptile and bug. God saw that it was good.

God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, And, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth." God created human beings; he created them godlike, Reflecting God's nature. He created them male and female. God blessed them: "Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth."

Then God said, "I've given you every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth And every kind of fruit-bearing tree, given them to you for food. To all animals and all birds,
everything that moves and breathes, I give whatever grows out of the ground for food." And there it was. God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good! It was evening, it was morning—
Day Six.


The universe supports the reality of your beliefs absolutely.
When you believe you must struggle for abundance,
then it will bring about situations that are conducive to struggle;
when you believe you cannot experience love without pain,
the universe will give you exactly that - love with pain;
when you believe it takes time for an illness to heal - then so it will.
There is not a single force opposing you, there is only ONE force supporting you absolutely.
It is called LOVE, the force that birthed you, that created you in its own image.
This love is so magnanimous it will give you exactly and absolutely whatever it is that your reality entails.
Change your beliefs and you change your reality.

There are Portals.

A portal is a two-way interdimensional door opening into several realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate, parallel universes. When the ritual is performed to activate the doorway, there is no way of knowing which essential reality will be accessed. Ritual of the Portal is coordinated by a vast network of benevolent and powerful interdimensional beings who monitor and control what happens in the portals. Ritual of the Portal is the mechanics of planetary ascension.

Ritual of the Portal is an ancient alchemical activity. It facilitates the alchemical Great Work by opening interdimensional doorways so that we may communicate and interact with spiritual, interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings of the universe who can pass through the portals. We open the portals so that, with these interdimensional beings as our guides, we may pass through the portals astrally and visit other parts of the universe and other dimensions, thus enlightening our perspective and our understanding of the Great Plan. Elevation to the spiritual planes is part of passing through the portal, and it is from this platform of awareness that many experiences are possible. We hope to accomplish an alchemy - a fusion - with beings of light. Their level of spiritual evolution is beyond our present understanding, but we have the power to join with them, they have a desire to unite with us, and this is in keeping with Divine Law. When ascension is a mass event it becomes planetary ascension and it brings Earth on-line with an network of planets.

By uniting with interdimensional beings of light, we experience an increase in astral projection to the far reaches of the universe, an increase in mental projection to the deepest universes within, we become telepathically gifted, and our personal power and overall happiness grows.

The Law of One.

Question: "What is the Law?"
Answer: "The Law is One."
Question: "Why are we here?"
Answer: "We seek the Law of One."

Spiritual Initiation.

Teachers perform spiritual initiations in many Spiritual Traditions. The means of giving or receiving spiritual initiation takes many forms.

Initiations my happen through ritual, touch, glance, through lectures, chants, speaking with a teacher, a class, or through sitting in meditation by oneself using a mantra or chant given by a teacher for the purpose of actualizing an initiation, or through sitting in the presence of a spiritual teacher who guides a meditation. Sometimes the most powerful of our Initiations occur when we are alone.

Some people experience spiritual initiation as seeing a vision that includes the quality of seeing light or forms or symbols or other realms of existence. Seeing Light or having a vision is not the whole of a spiritual initiation, however.

True spiritual initiation causes a profound shift in one's perceptions and awareness of what is. Seeing is only a part of initiation; seeing may be a beginning, but seeing something is not the whole. We see only in part.

Nothing Matters, Dude.

draw from the well of unchanging
its union nourishes on
in the right rearranging
'til the last confusion is gone
water brothers trust
in the ultimust
of the every singing song
they pass along

Warrior Training.

Founded in 1977 by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., and Elizabeth Lesser, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies was inspired by scholar and Eastern meditation teacher, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. Together, they envisioned a dynamic "university of life" designed to foster personal growth and social change. The name "Omega" came from the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a renowned 20th-century philosopher, who used the term "Omega Point" to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving.

City Mystics.


2nd Isaac the Prophet / Dreams

Initiation - To dream of an initiation indicates that you are pursuing a new path or goal.

Battle - To be in or see a battle in your dream suggests that you are overworked. You need to give yourself a break. There is a conflict between your rational thinking and your irrational impulses. Alternatively, it represents eroticism. You may be overly stimulated or you are trying to suppress your instinctual urges.

Exorcism - To dream that you or others are being exorcised symbolizes your initiative to regain control and take steps toward the direction of your goals. Alternatively, you may not be taking responsibility for your actions and are looking for a scapegoat.

Blessing - To dream of a blessing indicates that you are free to move ahead in some endeavor. Others are looking at your actions with approval. Alternatively, you are being recognized for your growth, progress and understanding.

Mental Institute - To dream that you are in a mental institution indicates a need for rest and a need to reset your mind. Don't be afraid to ask for help/assistance when you need it. To dream that you are outside a mental institution suggests that you are feeling ostracized or shunned. You may be close to a mental breakdown. Or you are feeling left out, excluded, and ignored.

Teacher - To see your teacher in your dream suggests that you are seeking some advice, guidance, or knowledge. You are heading into a new path in life and are ready to learn by example or from a past experience. Consider your own personal experiences with that particular teacher.

Heaven - To see heaven in your dream signifies your desires to find perfect happiness. You may be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. The dream serves as a medium in which you can restore your faith, optimism, and hope.

Death - To dream of your own death indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.


Children of the Law of One was written, assembled, and recorded over the course of two and a half years, 2009-2011, in Chicago by Justin K Prim. Children of the Law of One was produced by Justin K Prim and Tyler Watkins. Mixed by Tyler Watkins and Justin K Prim. Mastered by Tyler Watkins.

The Barbelith/Forest photo was taken by Andy Milford and edited by Justin K Prim.

Guest Musicians:
Erick Sherman - Drums on "Law of One" and "In Dreams"
Richard Knapp - Bass on "In Dreams"
Lindsay Lee - "Estra" on "Welcome the World Changer"

Samples were stolen from the following:
"I Don't Care About Anything" by Eric Alexander was used on "Do You Remember?"

"Joanne Creasy" by Castle Oldchair was used on "Matrix Baller"

"Noise, Idaho" by Chad Serhal was used on "Lightworkers Manifesto"

Lyrics from "The Gospel of Water" by Everything, Now! were used on "Song of the Creator"

Thanks to Rob Roy at Electronaut for the preamp.
Thanks to Justin at I Had an Accident for the opportunity.
Thanks to Karl Hofstetter & Tyler Watkins for the trades.

This album is encoded with a spiritual healing system called Magical Awakening. As you listen to the record, intend to receive the healing and you will. For more information, visit:

In the middle of a secluded woods in upstate New York, Justin K Prim found himself on top of a hill, down on his knees in prayer for the first time in his life. For the first time in his earthly experience he was humbled by the sheer awe and amazement of the AllThatIs. It called to him and he responded in the only way he could think of. A memory echoed through his mind of a very similar scene from the autobiography of Malcolm X that he had read while backpacking aimlessly across America.

From that moment on he was not ever going to be the same. His path would quickly become solidified before him, no longer the abstract spiritual longing of his youth. He was marked and set for a specific and special journey. He had tasted the ecstasy of direct contact with the One and he was transformed.

He had been initiated into a unnamed lineage of mystical seekers and his training would begin immediately. He befriended healers, mediums, shamans, magickians, psychics, yogis, and other fellow seekers. He absorbed knowledge from whoever he could and his heart led him further down the path of Truth.

Once back in regular society, he spent a year with fellow lightworkers and brothers touring the country, spreading the Love through music and energy healing. As a group they meditated together, they prayed together, they travelled together and they performed together. Eventually though the brotherhood would fall apart and Justin, now Justinus Primitive, would resume his solo path of Love and Knowledge and Service.

In his new home of Chicago, Justinus had finally moved into the role that a Sufi in the Netherlands had dubbed him: City Dervish. He was truly balancing between the two worlds; the fast paced modern city and the timeless and eternal world of the spirits. 2012 witnesses the release of a new album from Justinus Primitive. Children of the Law of One records the spritiual journey of Justin and tells the tale of the people he met and the amazing encounters he had.

Children of the Law of One : "Nomadic drone hip hop artist and mantra vocal entrapaneur Justinus Primitive produces his most prolific album 'Children of the Law of One'. Backpacker style Justinus has experienced the world and connected with the souls of the youth and has channeled it through the stories and mantra beats. Taking a modern approach to the Bob Dylan ideology - a traveler, a poet, a hip hop artist and mystic spiritual seeker. "